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2019-10-14 04:15

Competing consortium TEAM International GTKMRAVVBCI. gets customer for ARTEC. 2001: Production start of 1st BOXER Prototype. 2002:Other names in use or previously used are GTK (gepanzertes armoured transport vehicle) ARTEC Boxer; A prototype Boxer seen in 2004. scarica artec boxer gtk

  This page details the development and operational history of the ARTEC Boxer Multirole Armored Vehicle including technical specifications and pictures.

Boxer (armoured fighting vehicle) German GTK Boxer prototype. www. artecboxer. com. Artec GmbH. Retrieved 22 September 2015. The Artec Boxer is an 8x8 Fighting Vehicle in service with the Dutch, German& Lithanian Armies. It has 9 Mission Modules (variants)& served in Afghanistan scarica artec boxer gtk United Kingdom planning procurement of Boxer wheeled vehicle Unique Modularity

1700 GTK Boxer Armoured Fighting Vehicle 10 (ENJ6NVV6W) by sozzap23 on Shapeways. Learn more before you buy, or discover other cool products in Vehicles. scarica artec boxer gtk Un protipo del GTK Boxer nel 2004. (EN) Artec Boxer, su (EN) (DE) Boxer Armoured Fighting Vehicle, su globalsecurity. org. Deutsch: Das Gepanzerte kurz GTK Boxer, ist ein von der ARTEC GmbH entwickelter deutscher Transportpanzer. Boxer MultiRole Armoured Vehicle (MRAV) (GTK) in Germany. it was announced that the vehicle would be called the Boxer. An industrial group, ARTEC GmbH,

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